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After gaining a Sports Science degree at Chichester University and managing to keep fit and injury free for their Rugby 1st team, freshers team and Saturday team simultaneously I decided to use this knowledge to help others achieve their body's potential. After working for some of the top health clubs in London for nearly 5 years (Holmes Place, Virgin Active and The Chelsea Club) I decided to change to Freelance Personal Training to be able to focus on a smaller size client base and be able to provide a more personal experience. As well as this closer attention to clients I was also able to provide outdoor training which is so beneficial to people with intense London lifestyles, usually confined indoors to their home, public transport and office. Being outdoors releases endorphins and reduces stress automatically before the exercise has even begun. 

A lot of people are worried about the weather before they become clients but the feeling of exercising out in the different elements of rain, cold, sun, wind, snow, even hail is surprisingly uplifting! To top it off I have to brave the elements with you, so if I can do it for up to 8 hours a day, then you can do it for 1 hour before hitting a nice hot shower! If the weather is really bad and I agree that the session wouldn't be beneficial then we will try to find an alternative session slot that week. I have clients that have been with me for nearly 10 years through summer, autumn, winter and spring which shows its appeal! Also my black Labrador 'Jacks' is a massive incentive for a lot of clients. 
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