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"I am injury free for the first time in years and can play tennis again and lift the kids above my head thanks to Elliot's work. My shoulder was constantly giving me pain but the strength work and stretching we have done has eradicated this." James Eden, Wimbledon common, 42.


“I have been training weekly with Elliot for over 9 years and still love it! He still manages to make the sessions fun and varied. I dropped a dress size way back when and have kept to that for all of these years. Whenever I have injuries Elliot manages to fix them and make me feel a whole lot better.”​
Sue Palmer, Clapham common, 58.


“Amanda and I do weekly sessions together and have done for over 2 years now. We love it and have great fun through wind, rain, snow and sun. There is also the flexibility to do our own sessions through the week, allow other friends to join in at any time and also to move the session location if it works better for us.”​
Eryn & Amanda, Wimbledon Park, 35


“Elliot is working with my physio to help with a few major injuries/ postural corrections. The exercises have been great and I feel the improvements.”​
Lucy, Southfields, 33​

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